Huwebes, Marso 3, 2011

A Good Teacher

How could a teacher be called a good one?
There are seven steps to become a good teacher:

One, who cares about students: being a good teacher is his/her nature to care with his or her students especially those who are able and unable to attend classes.

Second, encourages students to study hard: giving of assignments is one way in exercising or practicing the study habits of the students.

Third, makes class enjoyable: Making sure that when in the middle of the discussion the teacher must give examples so that the students could relate it with their real life and if possible gives some jokes that relate to the topic being tackled.

Fourth, gives interesting writing assignments: When give a writing assignment, topic should not be boring so that the students will see it as enjoyable.

Fifth, gives positive feed backs: Giving a positive feedback is an easy way to encourage students to study hard because students also need praises from their teacher.

Sixth, Guides students to learn the language: In learning a language, if a teacher imposes rules for students to practice and to strictly speak in English while inside the Campus, then it has a greater possibility that the students will follow especially if the teacher himself/herself follows his/her own rules.

Lastly, encourages students to participate: Giving extra points to those who will participate in the discussion is one way of motivating students to be part of the discussion.

If a teacher does, all the above mentioned, then she can be called,A GOOD TEACHER!